Product Analysis and Review

Lithium Battery Evaluation

Customers choose Total Battery Solutions to evaluate lithium batteries, chargers and other related products to deterrmine the root cause of events when things don’t go according to plan. Lithium batteries can fail quite spectacularly if they are not compatible with the product they power and we find many imported products are available that are not protected correctly. In the wrong conditions they can be dangerous.

Total Battery Solutions evaluates the battery or product that has failed together with good samples to determine theĀ  nature of the failure and make recommendations for improvement. In most cases this does not require forensic analysis of the cells; often there is only a residue left, but this evidence together with working samples is sufficient to provide a good diagnosis of the cause of the failure.

Lithium Battery Packs

when things go wrong

Total Battery Solutions Limited evaluate the construction, materials, methods and other evidence to determine the mode of failure or circumstances leading to the failure of lithium battery packs. This can include extensive testing of working samples of the product using our test instrumention and expertise for the analysis.