UN Test

Tests for Transportation

When lithium batteries are to be transported around the globe (or even within country) couriers require proof that the battery is safe. The UN38.3 Test provides this assurance by putting samples of the batteries through a series of tests which are characteristic of the sort of environment that the batteries will endure during transportation. This is a one-off (type) test to prove the design of the batteries; all batteries made to the same design will be covered by the test.

For this reason it is important to ensure that the design is to requirements, as any material change to the design will necessitate a repeat of the test procedure.

Where prototype lithium batteries are concerned there are exceptions to the requrement for the UN38.3 Test, however carriers may still be reluctant to transport the batteries without the certificate. The standard limits the quantity of prototype batteries to 100 and mandates specific packaging and labelling requirements if such batteries are to be transported.

Total Battery Solutions can provide tested batteries and also provide the test for batteries not manufactured by TBS. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

In addition to the UN Test, it is becoming increasingly a requirement to satisfy a number of design standards (such as IEC 62133 or IEC61960). The standard, in some circumstances, will depend on the nature of the application to which the battery is designed. Total Battery Solutions offers test procedures and certification against many standards to qualify your battery design.

UN 38.3 Test

... and other design standards

Total Battery Solutions Limited provides a full UN Test Service ( and tests to other design standards). We require a number of samples built to the same design to be used in the test. Depending on the standard, these sample batteries may not be suitable for return after the test as, in some cases, the tests can be destructive.