Custom Lithium Battery Products

Custom Lithium Battery Products

Custom lithium battery packs provide a cost-effective solution to your power requirements where a standard battery pack cannot be found. Lithium battery packs are smaller, lighter and can delivery more power than most other available battery types. When a standard battery is not available, a battery can be designed to work within the specific parameters of the product to which it is fit, be this environmental, space, capacity, energy or load current to name a few.

Total Battery Solutions provide a service to design a custom battery pack to your requirements, choosing:

  • the correct battery cells;
  • Battery Management System;
  • enclosure; and
  • other requirements such as cooling, waterproofing, gauging etc if required.
  • Then we design for ease of manufacture, especially for high volume production.

Total Battery Solutions can also go beyond this, providing CAD drawings and prototype manufacturing of assemblies as well as integration of small systems to your requirements.


Lithium Battery Design

custom battery pack design

The initial part of the process defines the requirements and documents the elements of the battery so that the product can be manufactured and supported during its lifetime. CAD information is maintained during the design / manufacture process and can be used by your design team to ensure compatibility.

cell selection

capacity | energy | power

All battery cells have specific parameters defined for maximum load/charge currents, operating temperature, etc. Cells should be selected to be compatible with the design requirements and more to ensure successful operation.

custom lithium battery pack management systems

control and protection

The battery management system is a small PCB designed to control the charge and discharge of the battery ensuring that it works within its design  parameters. Often there are facilities on the PCB to maintain the health of the battery and protect it from fault conditions. (See our discussion on BMSs on this site).


off-the-shelf vs custom

Wherever possible, Total Battery Solutions tries to use existing products and/or designs for enclosures to keep costs to a minimum, but with our prototyping facility we can provide a CNC or 3D printed enclosure or design an enclosure that can be made locally with one of our approved suppliers.